Enemies of Your Gutters

The main enemies of your home’s gutter system

Gutter systems are designed to protect your home from rainwater. Once installed, these systems should be able to do that for many years. That’s why you should be aware of the enemies of your gutter system and how to keep them at bay. With the right knowledge, you can extend the life of your gutter system by keeping these enemies at bay. In this blog, we will explain the main enemies of your guttering and how to keep them at bay.



Rainwater can cause a number of issues for your guttering and downpipe. If your system isn’t installed correctly, or doesn’t have enough gutters, the rainwater can cause leaks and even cause flooding. If the system isn’t cleaned regularly, it can also cause a build-up of sediment in the system. Rainwater can also cause issues for your downpipe, particularly if it’s allowed to flow directly through the downpipe. Build-up of sediment in the downpipe can cause clogging of the system. Sediment can also cause corrosion in your downpipe, which can lead to leaks.



Any blockage in your guttering system will allow excess water to enter your home. The amount of water entering your home depends on the size of the blockage, and the pressure of the water in the system. If the pressure in your guttering is greater than the pressure in the surrounding area, this will cause the blockage to burst and cause flooding. The most common cause of blockages in gutters is leaves and other debris. The leaves can cause a blockage if they are blocking a branch in your system. They can also cause a blockage in your downpipe, particularly if they fall into the downpipe.


Clogging and Sedimentation

Gutter system and downpipes can become blocked with leaves and other debris. If this build-up occurs in the guttering system, the water will be restricted. The water pressure in the guttering will be lower, which could lead to leaks and corrosion of the piping. In addition to leaves and other debris, pesticides and fertilisers can also cause a build-up of sediment in your gutters. If the sediment is allowed to build up, it will cause clogging of the system. If sedimentation occurs in your downpipe, it can lead to a buildup of rust in the pipe and even leaks.


Mould and Rotting Materials

Mould and rot in your gutters are enemies for you and your family. The mould can cause allergic reactions, and the rot can cause structural damage to your gutter system. If the rot is severe, it could even cause your guttering to collapse. There are a number of reasons for mould and rot to occur in your gutters and downpipes. The most common reasons are condensation, blocked gutters and ageing pipes. Condensation occurs when there is a leak in your guttering, downpipe or downpipe junction. This causes water to leak from one area to another, where it then cools. Once the water has cooled, it becomes water vapour and returns to the air as condensation.



Gutters are designed to protect your home from rainwater, while also allowing excess water to drain away. The guttering should be able to do this for many years, but you should be aware of the enemies of your gutter system. If you take care of your guttering, it will protect your home for many more years. If you notice any issues with your guttering, such as leaks, blockages or clogging, contact a gutter cleaning company. They will be able to investigate the issue and deal with it quickly. Guttering is important for protecting your home from water damage, but it can also be an enemy. By understanding the enemies of your gutter system, you can keep your guttering in good condition for many years to come.


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