What You Should Know About Getting a Leaf Guard for Your Gutter

A gutter is a valuable part of your home. It prevents debris and moisture from collecting on your roof and doing damage to your foundation. But if leaves collect in your gutter, they will keep it from working like it should. That’s why a leaf guard is so important. The leaf guard you choose for your home must provide optimal protection. Therefore, you’ll want to find one that’s high quality. This article will tell you what to look out for when you are leaf guard shopping.

How to Find the Best Leaf Guard

When leaf guard shopping, you will find there’s a wide variety out there. If you are not familiar with what to look for, you may not know which is best suited for your home.

It’s important to look for honest reviews from trusted sources. For example, Good Housekeeping is known to rigorously test the products they review making them good for their word. Consult their leaf guard recommendations to get familiar with reputable brands and models.

Remember that the least expensive gutter guard is not always the best gutter guard. It’s important to find one that offers optimal value for the money.

What are the Different Types of Gutter Guards?

There are various types of gutter guards as follows:

Gutter Guard Filters: Gutter guard filters are inserts that fit into the open gutter. Most are made with plastic foam materials and feature rounded bristles. They are inserted into the gutter to repel leaves and allow water to pass.

Filters are a low-cost choice for standard open gutters. However, they come in sections that make them hard to install. The filters can also get clogged and will need to be cleaned regularly.

Mesh Screen Gutter Guards: Screens are another inexpensive leaf guard option. However, while they are effective in keeping leaves out, they will still allow smaller pieces, like pine needles, into the gutter. They also tend to break easily and may blow away.

Additionally, it’s important that the mesh fits your gutter well. There are customized options available, but they are more expensive.

Gutter Guard Covers: Gutter guard covers are covers, hoods or helmets installed above open gutters. They channel water into the gutter through slots or openings that mount to the gutter.

Gutter guards can be difficult to install as they require you to slide the product under the shingles and nail them to the roof which voids the roof’s warranty. They can also sag or leak if they are not customized for your home.

The systems used to protect your gutters are not always ideal, but North Texas Gutters will help you find the ultimate solution. We provide leaf protection that is strong and durable, gap free and will not void your roof’s warranty. Contact us to get the trusted service our company is known for. If you have any question please contact us or call (940) 453-8842

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