What You Need to Know About Getting New Gutters for Your Home

What You Need to Know About Getting New Gutters for Your Home

Let’s face it, most people don’t know a lot about the gutters on their home. That means that when it’s time to get new ones, you could easily get ripped off by a contractor who overcharges you or doesn’t provide the quality work you require.

This article will review what’s involved in gutter installation so you can determine if the contractor is taking the right steps in getting you a reasonably product that withstands the test of time.

Proper Sizing is Essential for New Gutters

The amount of effort it takes to install a gutter varies greatly. If you have a relatively straight roof, it’s as simple as installing a single run around it with a downspout at the end.

But if your roof has various degrees of pitch and multiple gables, the job can get more complex. Scaling the system based on square footage is key.

Location Matters for New Gutters

Different regions of the world get different amounts of rainfall. The contractor must install gutters suited to the amount of precipitation you get in your area. So, if you live in a low rainfall area and the contractor insists on getting you a heavy duty (read excessively expensive) system, they may be trying to rip you off.

Pitch and Downspouts

You can optimize the performance of your gutters by increasing their slope. A normal install features about ¼” of slope every 10 feet with downspouts located every 25-30 lineal feet for 5” gutter with 2×3 downspouts and every 35-40 linear feet for 6” gutter with 3×4 downspouts.

If you increase the slope, the water will flow more freely increasing the gutter’s ability to remove debris. However, it can affect the aesthetics of your home and cause other complications. Talk to your contractor to find out the best way to boost your gutter performance.

Do I Need Gutter Guards?

Many contractors will try to sell you on gutter guards, but they aren’t always necessary. You should consider them if your home is located under a high concentration of trees or if it’s likely to collect debris for other reasons. You may also only need gutter guards on certain sides of the roof to protect it.

How Much Does Gutter Installation Cost?

The price you pay for your gutter system will vary according to your location, the size of your roof, and the materials used to build the system. But an aluminum gutter and spouts, which is the most frequently installed type of system, will cost about $3000 or $20 per linear foot based on the national average.

On the low side, you may be spending $1000 but a more expensive system can run you up to $5000.

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