What else should I consider when Installing gutters on my own

If you install the gutters on the home yourself, if you do ever have issues, there’s not gonna be a company to call, that has given you a warranty they’ll come out, do free checkups, make sure the slope has stayed, what it needs to be to make sure everything is draining correctly. Anything like that. If the wind comes through, looks like a screws, maybe coming loose. If at all the corners and in caps, those all have to be sealed up any of the splits in the runs.


Those have to be sealed up over the years of weather going hot to cold. How that sealant lays down in there. It can crack, it can come loose. You’ll start to see dripping from the corners, the end caps, the splits in the long runs of gutters. Those all have to be maintained. If you’re not staying on top of that, or if you don’t have someone that you can call that will come out, check all those things, fix them, be proactive in your gutter maintenance, that can lead to big issues.

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