What are the Best Gutters for My Roof?



If you start noticing cracks, holes, sags, leaks, or missing parts on your gutters, you may need a replacement. You must replace your gutter every 10-15 years in order to prevent significant structural damage to your home. 

The question most homeowners will face when it’s time for a replacement is, what are the best types of gutters should I get? This article will review your options so you can choose the best gutters for your home. 

What are the Various Gutter Materials?

The material of the gutter will play a major role in your purchasing decision. Here are the most common options. 

  • Aluminum: Aluminum is the most popular gutter material as it is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, inexpensive, and available in a variety of colors.  
  • Galvanized Steel: Galvanized steel contain layers of zinc for reinforced strength. 
  • Steel: Steel  have both aluminum and zinc material making them a rust-resistant option. But they are also more expensive than other types of gutters. 
  • Zinc: Zinc is strong and durable. Its natural sheen means there is usually no need for painting or finishing. 
  • Copper: Copper are among the most attractive gutter choices, but they are also more expensive. 
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is an inexpensive gutter option that comes in a wide variety of colors. But it is not as durable as its metal counterparts. 

Gutter Designs

The design of the gutter will be another purchasing consideration. Here are the options you can choose from. 

  • K-Style: Also known as ogee gutters, K-style gutters have a shape that somewhat resembles decorative crown molding. 
  • Fascia: Fascia have a smooth surface. Like K-style gutters, they hide the edges of the rafter tails making them an attractive option. 
  • Half-round: Half-round feature an open construction with the open side facing the roof. They are not the most popular design choice as they tend to become clogged and overflow. 
  • European-Style: European are made from weather-resistant materials.



  • When it comes to the construction, you can choose from seamless and sectional. 
  • Sectional- come in 10-foot sections that must be linked together with snap-in connectors. The downside is that the joints eventually become weak and leak. 
  • Seamless- have seams at the corners only. The material is itself is made from metal and can be customized to fit the length of your roof. 

If you are noticing your gutters showing signs of wear and tear, a replacement may be necessary.

When it’s time to replace, call North Texas Gutters first. We will help you find the best gutters that are right for your roof.


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