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Should I replace My Gutters, When I Get a New Roof?

gutter installation

Roof replacement is a necessary part of home ownership. Over time, your roof will begin showing signs of damage and you will have to get a new one. When it comes time to get a new roof, you may wonder, do I need to replace my gutters as well? This article will give you all the information you need about roof and gutter replacement. 


Do I Need to Replace My Gutters When I Get a New Roof Installed?

It depends on how the gutters were installed. Some gutters are attached to a fascia board beneath the roof. If this is the case, the installation will not affect the gutters and they won’t need to be removed. If the is shingles removed, it’s best to have the gutters replaced before installation occurs.


Gutters Removed First?

There are other benefits of having a gutter removed prior to installation. These are as follows. 

  • Helps the roofers tell if the sealing along the edge of gutters is fully intact. 
  • Allows the roofer to get a better look at the gutter components.
  • Provides a better roof installation overall. 

If you are determined to leave your gutters in place during roof installation, the roofer may install an ice and water shield over the gutter to protect it. However, this can cause leakage issues down the road. 


Can I Replace Gutters without Replacing the Roof?

Is it okay to replace the gutters without replacing the roof?

Yes, you can replace the gutters without replacing the roof. However, if the roof is getting close to reaching its expiration date, you should hold off and get both replacements at once that they are done properly.

And while replacing the roof and gutters at once is ideal, it won’t always be possible. If the gutters are in very bad shape, replacement is necessary.

It’s vital to keep your gutters and roof in good shape. North Texas Gutters provides maintenance and inspections, so you know when you need an upgrade. We can also perform any service necessary. Contact us to ensure your roof is doing all it can to protect your home.

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