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Why you need a Leaf Protection System!

Leaf Protector

Leaf Protection Systems

Gutters do a great job of moving water and debris away from your roof and protecting your home. But they can get clogged. And when clogs happen, they can keep your gutters from working properly. Leaf protection systems can minimize clogs, but they don’t eliminate the need for cleaning. And with the extra expense, some people may wonder if they are worth it. The verdict: yes, they absolutely are. This article will review five reasons why you should add a leaf protection system to your gutter. 


They Reduce the Need for Cleaning

Leaf protection doesn’t eliminate the need for gutter cleaning, but it minimizes the amount you will need to clean. A professional cleaning costs around $160. With cleanings recommended twice a year, that adds up to $320. If you add leaf protection, you can reduce the frequency of cleanings saving hundreds of dollars. And if you DIY clean, you will minimize the need to go up on the roof risking life and limb!


The Protect Your Home from Fire

If you are in a fire-prone area, the leaves and debris that collect on your roof make for ideal kindling. A leaf protection North Texas system minimizes leaves and debris, so fire doesn’t feed on your home. 

Note, if fires are an issue, go for metal guards which are less combustible than plastic alternatives. 


They Help with Pest Control

Clogged gutters fill with water offering a fertile breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects. Leaf protection allows water to keep flowing so it doesn’t attract bugs and pests. It also offers an extra barrier protecting your home from snakes, rodents and other creatures that can get inside and do damage to your structure. 


They Cut Down on Mold and Mildew

If water seeps into your home, it can cause mold and mildew. What’s more, leaves and dirt that collect inside a gutter can harbor mold spores that create mold and mildew inside your gutters. 

Once mold and mildew form, it can cost thousands to get rid of them. Your leaf protection system’s ability to protect your home from mold and mildew makes it more than worth the cost. 


They Protect the Home

If you gutter is clogged, it can’t do its job. This means water can leak into your home through the roof. Water can also pool against the fascia board causing it to disintegrate and damage your home’s structure. It can also cause water to pool at the base of the home, damaging the foundation. A leaf protection system will protect your gutter from clogs, so water doesn’t damage your home. Leaf protection North Texas may be an added expense, but it’s well worth the investment.


If you are looking to add leaf protection to your gutter system, do not hesitate to contact North Texas Gutters. We offer high quality work that you can count on to keep your home safe from water damage. 

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