Is it less expensive to install gutters yourself

It really depends. Initially it might be slightly cheaper to do all the work yourself, get all the materials, yourself, install it yourself, but from our experience in the long run, it leads to a lot of issues. Gutters have to be fairly precise to work correctly. When you’re not knowledgeable in hanging gutter, it’s easy to make those mistakes that will come back to haunt you in the future.

One of the bigger problems with hanging the gutter yourself, there is no warranty. You did the work and having a gutter company come out to fix the gutter that you installed is usually very difficult. Most gutter companies will not come and work on gutter that you installed. We’re gonna have to remove these gutters and install new gutters.

From our experience, when we go out to houses that the gutters have been installed themselves, there’s lots of issues. You have to just essentially scrap them and start over. Once you screw into gutter and it’s had a little bit of time to go through hot to cold months and that material warps and gets in the shape of the house, there’s not much going back and fixing it. You have to do it right the first time, and if you don’t, it can double the cost of having gutters initially. From our research, we’ve seen that buying the materials like from Home Depot, Lowes, a normal hardware store you’re gonna spend about 70% of what it would cost to just have a gutter company come out and do it professionally for you, make sure the job’s gonna be done, have a warranty on it, and ultimately we will save you money in the long run.

There’s multiple hidden costs that can come up when trying to do gutters yourself. Like I said earlier, that 70% number, that’s just materials. That’s not including, if you have to buy tools, if you have to buy different ladders to reach different levels of your house, all the equipment that you don’t think about or all of the gutter specific tools and materials that you would need, different types of sealant that, this sealant works in the house, this sealant is specifically for outdoors. There’s lots of different types of things like that, where, you wanna make sure you use the right thing or it’s gonna cause problems in the future.

Another big hidden cost is that if you do them wrong, Sometimes it can take a little while for problems to, show a lot of times we’ll see where gutter’s been installed improperly and the water from the roof will get between the gutter and the fascia of the house, and just sit there. Once it starts to sit there, it’ll start to rot your fascia board. You’re having to replace your gutter and replace all of your fascia board because they’re all rotted.

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