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How to Make Your Gutters Eco-Friendly

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Eco-Friendly Gutters

These days, the planet can use all the help she can get. There are steps you can take to make your gutter system more eco-friendly and ensure you are doing your part. Here are a few tips.

Choose Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum is a great gutter material choice because it can be created without using many natural resources. It is also recyclable. Once you are done with your aluminum gutters, you can donate them so they can be melted down and used for another project.


Choose Recycled Materials

Aluminum’s recyclable properties mean, not only can you recycle them, but they can also be recycled. So you can buy them in recycled form. This is a terrific way to save natural resources and cut down on production that can create pollution and waste.

And aluminum isn’t the only gutter material that can be recycled. Copper, zinc, wood, and steel are other types of gutters that you can purchase that may have been recycled from another product.


Take the Pre-Owned Option

When people get rid of their gutters, it’s not always because they are damaged. Some need to dispose of them because they are getting new roofs that no longer work with the gutters they have.

These perfectly good gutter systems can easily be used on another home. Buying pre-owned gutters cuts down on production, eliminates waste and it can save you money.

Another eco-friendly option is to make your own gutters out of pieces of previously owned gutter systems.


Collect the Rainwater

Most gutter systems work by funneling water away from the home through a downspout. The water is usually diverted by a splash block, so it lets out in an area where it won’t do damage to your home or landscaping.

Instead of allowing the water to run off and go to waste, you can collect it in a rainwater barrel. Your installer can even set it up, so your downspout goes directly into the barrel allowing you to collect hundreds of gallons of rainwater every year.

The water can later be used to water your lawn or clean your car or home. You may even work out a system that allows you to run your toilet on the rainwater you collect.


Use the Rainwater to Irrigate Your Garden

Another option is to have your installer set up your downspout, so the water goes directly into your garden or another landscaped area of your home.  This involves connecting a drainage tube to the end of the downspout. The tube is buried into the ground and allows for water seepage that waters the soil.

An irrigation system is a great way to save water, money, and the time you would spend watering your lawn.

Eco-friendliness can start with your roof gutters. The materials you use, and the method of gutter installation can add to the steps you take in helping the environment.


North Texas Gutters will work with you to put together an Eco-Friendly Gutter System. Call us for all your gutter-related needs. 

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