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How to Clean Your Gutters Yourself

Gutters are an important part of your home. If they get clogged, water can leak into your structure doing significant damage to your foundation. So make sure to clean your gutters regularly. You can call in a service to get your gutters clean, but to save money you may want to do it yourself. This article will offer various DIY gutter cleaning methods.

Clean Gutters from  the Ground

Not everyone is crazy about the idea of getting up on a ladder to clean gutters on the roof. You can keep yourself safer by cleaning them from the ground. This can be accomplished with a garden hose or a wet/dry vac and a few handy attachments.

To clean the gutter with a garden hose you will need an attachment that resembles a rigid tube with a curved end. Start at the nearest downspout spraying the entire channel’s length and work your way back to the downspout. Be warned that leaves and debris may fall so dress appropriately.

You can also use a wet/dry vac with a curved attachment. This will help you reach into the gutter so you can suck up any debris. Then you can follow up with the garden hose rinse.

Use a Leaf Blower to Clean your Gutters

If a leaf blower is your weapon of choice, you will need to get up on a ladder to clear the debris. Position the ladder so you can work from one end of the gutter to the other blowing out debris as you go.

Plug up the downspout with a rag before you start so leaves don’t blow into it. After you are done, use a hose to get rid of any remaining debris.

Use a Power Washer to Clean your Gutters

A power washer will be ideal if you haven’t cleaned your gutter in a while and need to get rid of some hardcore dirt. The nozzle should be set to ‘fine spray’. Point it down the hole and allow the water to clear away the debris.

Clean the Leaves by Hand

Another option is to get up on the roof and clean the leaves out by hand. Take a bucket up with you so you can place the leaves in it after you remove them from the gutter. Flush the gutters and spout with water until you are sure they are functioning correctly. If the downspouts are clogged, you can rinse them out with a power washer or use a snake to clear the obstruction.

How to Prevent Gutter Clogs

If you don’t look forward to the task of cleaning out your gutters, you can use gutter guards to keep them from getting obstructed in the first place. One way to do this is to install a screen which allows water to drain through it while blocking leaves.

You can also get a screen installed professionally. These screens are made to fit your roof, so they won’t leak or drip. They will direct running water into the gutter and toss debris and leaves over the edge of the building, clear of the home.

Cleaning gutters yourself is a good way to save money, but if you need additional help, do not hesitate to call North Texas Gutters. We stand behind our work and offer financing options. We have the skills you need to get the job done. If you have any question please contact us or call (940) 453-8842

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