gutter issues

Common Gutter Issues to be Aware Of

gutter issues

There are common gutter issues that may occur in a system. Knowing what to look out for will help you address common gutter issues before serious damage is done. This article will review common gutter problems and what you can do to keep your home safe.

Clogged Gutters

Clogging occurs when leaves and debris get caught in the gutter causing it to be unable to drain properly. If the water accumulates, it can do damage to the foundation of your home.

To keep gutters free of clogs, it’s important to clean them twice a year. You can also install gutter covers which will keep debris out.


Sagging Gutters

Sagging gutters can occur due to the weight of leaves and debris weighing them down, or they can be caused by the hangers being spaced too far apart.

If leaves and debris are causing the sagging, you can address the issue by tightening the screws that are holding the gutter in. Then maintain a regular cleaning schedule to keep sagging from happening again.

When hangers are spaced too far apart, you will need to install new gutters with hangers that are closer together.


Damaged Gutters

There are many reasons why gutters can get damaged but it’s usually due to the weather. If they become knocked off their hinges, you may just be able to rehang them. If there’s more extensive damage, they may have to be replaced.


Improper Pitching

When gutters are installed, they must be pitched, or angled, correctly. They should sit at a slope of at least a ¼” for every 10’ of gutter.

To determine if your gutters are pitched properly, go up on a ladder to view them after a rainstorm. If there’s standing water in the gutter, that means the pitch is off. You may be able to correct the pitch by simply bending the gutter back into place, but in some cases, a reinstallation may be necessary.


Leaks and Holes

If you notice water dripping from the middle of you gutters, it may mean that there’s a hole in the system. Small holes can be filled with caulk while larger holes will need to be patched. If you are patching a hole, make sure you are using a patch that’s the same material as your gutter to avoid erosion.


Inadequate Gutter System

Gutter systems need to be replace if made poorly. Make sure your system is high quality by going with a contractor you can trust to install a product that endures the test of time. Aluminum is a recommended gutter material.


North Texas Gutters will protect your home from these Common Gutter issues for years to come.

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